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Sunday Share: Floribbean Lobster Fest

July 28, 2019

Sunday Share: Floribbean Lobster Fest

As part of our annual Lobster Week celebration, join us for a Sunday Share dinner that takes you to a Floribbean Lobster Fest. Enjoy lots of citrus, coco bread, and flavors of the tropics on Sunday, July 28 from 5:30-7 pm.

$60 nets you delicious dishes plus a craft cocktail for an evening that’ll transport you to sunny days in the Florida Keys. Purchase your tickets here.

See the menu below!

First Course

-Key West conch fritters, spicy aioli

Second Course

-Bahamian lobsters, habanero coconut curry sauce
-Jerked red snapper, mango sauce, cilantro
-Cuban style beans and rice
-Plantanos maduros, garlic, cilantro, lime

Dessert course

-Key lime pie
-Cuban Flan

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