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25 Years of Fifth Group Restaurants

April 27, 2018

25 Years of Fifth Group Restaurants

Twenty-five years ago, we opened South City Kitchen in Midtown, our own distinctive restaurant that focused on great people and great food in equal measure. When the New York Times got around to writing a review, they said, “If this is the direction that new Southern cooking is taking, it’s on the right track.”

They didn’t know the half of it. The success of our first restaurant, the evolution of Atlanta and the effect we’ve had on our city’s food culture has inspired us to create new culinary concepts. With the loyalty of our guests, the commitment of our staff and the support of Atlanta’s vibrant neighborhoods, Fifth Group Restaurants has thrived by being a values-led hospitality company, taking care of our employees, creating delicious food, delivering genuine connected service and giving back to our communities.

We’re still learning every day, but one thing we know for sure is that we did not get here on our own. So, thank you. To the thousands of Fifth Groupers that have been part of our team and the millions of guests we’ve served, you’ve made our restaurants and Bold Catering  & Design’s events places where people not only eat and drink but create their most memorable moments, from power lunches and product launches to first dates and golden anniversaries.

Speaking of anniversaries, we’re celebrating the winding road we’ve taken to the top of Atlanta’s dining scene, and we look forward to hearing your favorite Fifth Group memories over a glass of wine or a bite to eat at one of our neighborhood locations.

Thanks again for helping us live our dream for the past 25 years!


Until next time,

Robby Kukler, Steve Simon, Kris Reinhard, Stuart Fierman & Vajra Stratigos

P.S. Mark your calendars – our 50th anniversary in 2043 will be here before you know it.