What is the LEAD program?


As both a career opportunity and a professional development program, Fifth Group Restaurants offers the LEAD (Leadership, Exploration and Development) program to provide hands-on work experience and leadership training designed to teach restaurant management functions. This helps you, the candidate, an opportunity to explore management and helps Fifth Group learn about your strengths and skills as a potential restaurant manager.


Who is the LEAD program for?


All FOH employees are eligible for the LEAD program. The ideal candidate for a LEADer is someone who is looking for their first step to grow and move toward a management role with Fifth Group Restaurants. Candidates must first express interest in becoming a LEADer to their General Manager.
Then, LEADer candidates must be recommended for the LEAD program by their GM and successfully complete a two part interview process with the Director of Recruiting and Director of Operations to get accepted into the program.


How does it work?


Once you are selected for the program, the learning starts. Over the course of four months, participants will be trained and work in the Lead Greeter role at a restaurant location, with additional time each shift to work on materials and activities outlined in the LEAD training program. During this time, you’ll also be participating in a leadership development program, as well as one-on-one training with the General Manager and management team, regular check-ins with the Director of Operations and a variety of training classes.


The position will typically work 40 hours per week and will be paid a combination of hourly rate plus tip share during Lead Greeter shifts, as well an hourly rate for training classes and activities.